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Meer weten over een holistische bodyscan? Mail Scan4Life op

Scan4Life Holistic Body Scan

A full body scan in just 8 minutes

Immediate insight


Scan4Life’s Global Diagnostics electromagnetic body scan reveals detailed information of up to 550 bodily functions. We focus on the endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, immune and digestive systems and can obtain extensive information about your nerves, bones, joints, organs and overall health in a matter of minutes.

We also provide you with immediate insight into the advantages of a holistic treatment programme. After all, who doesn’t want to stay fit and healthy into old age?

Electromagnetic scan


Electromagnetism may sound a little scary, but it is completely harmless. During the scan, low-level electromagnetic waves are passed through the body. This is hardly noticeable, if at all.

When the waves encounter a blockage, this is recorded. The waves then continue their path in a slightly different direction, a bit like flowing water when interrupted by a boat or a rock, for example.

Unblocking cells

During a body scan treatment, the waves passing through the body can reset blocked cells, allowing them to recover.

The Scan4Life holistic body scan can help you discover:

  • Vulnerabilities and blockages in the body’s physiological processes
  • Changes in the energy balance of organs and body systems
  • Environmental factors, diet and substances that may have a negative impact
  • Vitamin, mineral, enzyme and amino acid deficiencies
  • The advantages of a holistic treatment programme

Who is Scan4Life?


Scan4Life belongs to Daisy van Oosten. Daisy’s interest in a holistic approach to health and nutrition began at an early age, and setting up Scan4Life seemed like a natural progression. Daisy is currently taking a specialised course in basic medical knowledge. She is also the author of Succes Ontmaskert (in Dutch), a book about the lives of successful women.