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OptiSanPro Light Therapy

Experience the healing power of light

You only have to look at the natural world to appreciate that it’s all about light. From the flora and fauna that spring to life when the days become longer to the symbiosis between a bee and the flower it pollinates, there is no life without light. It also means there is no life without colour because what we perceive as colour is simply the reflection of light.

Light is essential for all life on Earth and that includes us. Experience the positive power of light with the OptiSanPro, a technological innovation that uses light intensity and the colour spectrum to improve health.

Invented by the Swiss company Vitatec, under the supervision of Dr Kiontke, the OptiSanPro has 122 LED lights in nine different colours, including infrared. The different combinations of colours and light intensities have a beneficial impact on the body, and numerous examples of the healing effect of light on the mind can be found in the relevant literature. Take the light alarm, for instance, which allows people to wake up more gently and naturally.

The programming of the OptiSanPro is based on the principle of biophotons, a by-product of cellular metabolism, which were discovered by the Russian biologist Goerwitsj in 1922. The OptiSanPro uses this principle to balance and restore cells using colours and light frequencies. There are 28 different treatment programmes, including ones for the digestive system, muscles, improving energy levels and balancing microflora.

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Give yourself the gift of a healthy light shower today with the OptiSanPro. Or why not combine the benefits of OptiSanPro’s light and colour therapy with a holistic body scan based on electromagnetism? You can also rent the OptiSanPro for home use. Call Daisy on +31 (0)6-10519628 or send an email to for more information.